Get 10% Extra on recharge/top-up

Medifinin members get 10% extra on every recharge/top-up of their Medfinin E-Wallet (i.e. If he/she recharges/top-up their e-wallet with Rs. 1000, they will get 100 point will be redeemed).

In case of any medical emergency, Medfinin members get complete financial support starting from Rs. 50.000 upto Rs. 30, 00000 (as per their medical requirement*)

• EMI for the loan credit starts after 3 months (i.e. 90 day) from the date of loan amount credited to the member’s E-WALLET @ of 8%/ Annum (.67% per month)
• In case of emergency members can use Medfinin card at any of our impaneled pharmacist/hospitals/path labs and doctors.
(​​*Note​:​ T& C applicable)
(After 6 month of joining)