Get 10% Extra on recharge/top-up

Medifinin members get 10% extra on every recharge/top-up of their Medfinin E-Wallet (i.e. If he/she recharges/top-up their e-wallet with Rs. 1000, they will get Rs. 100 extra).

In case of any medical emergency, Medfinin members get complete financial support starting from Rs. 50.000 uptoRs. 30, 00000 (as per their medical requirement*)

• EMI for the loan credit starts after 3 months (i.e. 90 day) from the date of loan amount credited to the member’s E-WALLET @ an interest rate of 8%/ Annum (.67% per month)
• In case of emergency members can use Medfinin card at any of our impaneled pharmacist/hospitals/path labs and doctors.
(Note T&C applicable)

Credit Loan of Rs. 50000

Once Medfinin member has availed the benefits of the card and remains in the system for a period of 180 days (6 months) ,he/ she automatically becomes eligible for availing an additional loan credit of Rs 50,000 from Medfinin.
• The loan will be credited in the member’s E- WALLET/card
• Open-end credit for health care expenses
• In case of emergency members get Immediate financing without credit approval and cibil check
• EMI for the loan credit starts after 3 months (i.e. 90 day) @ an interest rate of 8%/ Annum
• No extra charges or pre-payment penalties
• Easy monthly payment plans

Unique EMR support

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) support is provided to each and every Medfinin members. The EMR is uploaded in our highly secured system and help our members access their respective medical history/record anytime, anywhere across the world when needed.

EMR and Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an efficacious application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that has the potential to enhance delivery and extend the reach of health services in India.EMR/EHR systems offer impeccable advantages over Traditional Paper Based System (TPBS) of medical records and can helpprovide continuity of care (CoC) for the over 1.2 billion citizens who access the healthcare system through both private andpublic service providers.


Our Inimitable Approach

The latest trend of rapidly growing healthcare costs that are slapped on the patient or their family, makes it verydifficult for them to make full payment at a time or within a set time frame. This in turn results in bulk of past due balances and unwarrantedaffliction on the financial health of the providers.

Patient are keen to pay their medical bills and avoid the gratuitous burden, however, due tosome reasons they often find themselves in a position where they are unable to pay their balance in full or make monthly payments of these medical bills. We at Medfinin with years of experience have learned that there is a need of affordable financing option for the patient or their family to pay these spine wrecking medical bills. We have also learned that such financial options should be easy to use, cost effective and assist the patient or their families make financial arrangements for all their healthcare expenses that arenot covered under insurance.Hence after an extensive study of various experiences of patients and their family members, Medfininhas come up with the optimal solution to all financial problems related to health.We have designed a solution especially for our members, it comes with convenient and easy payment options andhelps themmake an affordable monthly payment within a budget over an extended period of time.

With Medfinin, healthcare providers can nowfocus and put their efforts and resources towards delivering quality care and nurturinga positiverelationship with patients, while Medfininhandles the financial risk andcollection costs of managing the patient.

Medfinin provides peace of mind to the members in this uncertain and ever changing world of healthcare.


Medfinin value our customer relationships. Our objective is to provide your patients with compassion and clearity while we assist them in navigating through their stressful financial situation. Our success is reflected best through our customer satisfaction score of over a 99% rating of excellent, very good or good. Our customers appreciate the fact that Medfinin has a knowledgeable and dependable staff with over 2 years of experience with our company

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